Parent Information

SEYCo, a non-profit parent cooperative, was founded in 1974 by parents who wanted to be involved in their children’s educational process.  SEYCo has been a leader in early childhood education for over four decades.

The parents whose children are enrolled in SEYCo work together to organize and administer the operation of the nursery school.  This unique, active participation of the parents leaves the teachers free to concentrate on the children’s educational growth.

 Parents involvement includes:

    •    Serving on the School Board

    •    Having the option to visit for special occasions in the classroom

    •    Participating in fundraising projects


Providing for individual differences is the heartbeat of any preschool program. With this in mind, our activities include: Learning through directed and supervised play, science experiences, seasonal interests, concept development, music, dramatics and creativity with art media, films, literature and field trips.

 Educational Staff

The curriculum of SEYCo is under the supervision of the Director of Education who is a state certified early childhood teacher. The Director of Education also serves on the parent-run Board of Directors.

The classroom staff consists of teachers certified in early childhood education (3 year-old and Pre-K programs), group supervisors (2 year old program) and paid teacher aides working together to bring a positive learning experience.

The school is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Department of Human Services.